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Pictures and quotes from our puppies forever families!

"We are going to call Laramie, Moon Dancer in honor of the Eclipse, or Dancer for short since he prances so well.  (Although occasionally we still feel Rocket may be a good name for his joyful running to you when you call out good boy.)" - Lauren Torres

Our Little man is doing very well here in Rogersville, MO and we love him
 dearly. Bogey Boy is 8 mos. old now and 4.8 pounds. Bogey is extremely smart and lightening fast. He literally knows the names of his toys, chews & bouncing

 balls. He will fetch them on command. This little one has mended our broken hearts (having lost both our Yorkies 5 months a part this past year.) Thank you again for

 breeding such precious Morkie babies. I hope you all have avery Merry Christmas and a healthy, Happy New Year. The Voss family

I just wanted to send you an update on “fancy”. We have named her Harper Grace and we couldn’t be any happier with her. We are completely in love with her. I have purchased a car seat for her to sit in so she is safe in the car when we travel and I also have a stroller for her when we go out and about. I have had so many people stop me and ask me where we got her from and I have highly recommended you to them. Even everyone at our vets office is in love with her. We got her fixed the day before thanksgiving and they said she didn’t spend much time in the kennel they mostly held her and loved her. They constantly ask me to bring her in just so they can see her. I will have to find a good picture of her and email it.

Thanks again

Hobie turned 4 yesterday. Still our little forever puppy. Cute and sweet and ornery as ever. Here’s a picture of Hobie before he got his birthday treats and wore himself out chasing his new ball last night. 

-Mike, Niki, and Hobie