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Quotes We have just adopted Lil Jasper(now named Teddy Paul) from Vernetta at show-mepuppies on 9-5-15. He is a adorable little MalShi male and the happiest little puppy, that we have ever seen. He is happy, playful and very healthy. He has made a wonderful impact on our family, as we also have two female Shih Tzu. Vernetta is very knowledgeable and definitely loves and cares for all her babies. Thank you so much for everything you have done to make Teddy Paul part of our family. Ken and Mona Spaanem Quotes
mona and ken spaanem

Quotes We've had our little mini Dachshund baby for almost a week now and we have never been more happy. Benji who is now Cooper is doing great! He's brought so much joy to our lives. I was very happy with the communication that Vernetta provided, since we are located in New Mexico. Cooper came to us by air and everything was very clean and we were impressed with the travel accommodations. Thank you Vernetta for everything! Quotes
Victor & Amanda
Very Happy Dachshund Puppy Parents

Quotes I just picked up Chandler on Friday and he is the best little guy... He is playful... Snuggles, he is everything and more then what I was looking for in a new puppy.... I love him to bits and pieces and beyond all ready.... Thanks for everything.... He is wonderful.... He loves Daisy Mae, she has taught him to bark already... He thinks he is. 200 pound dog.... So cute... Quotes

Quotes We got our puppy Teddy now Oreo in July. This lil guy has brought so much joy in our home. very smart and very active. No regrets Quotes
Satisfied mom

Quotes I got Toby, my maltese, about four years ago. He was so quick to learn different things. I have since married, and he is the life of the family. Hes so smart, and his good behavior wows our friends and family. He is also the sweetest dog ever. He also hasn't had any health problems yet, which is great. We are so glad we have him in our lives! Never a dull moment with his silliness, and melts my heart with how sweet he is. He is one incredibly loved dog, and I am one very lucky dog owner! Quotes
Brenda Lieb
Sweetest, and smartest dog.

Quotes After much searching, we bought our first maltipoo puppy one week ago from Vernetta. He was little Alek (13 weeks old) and is now named Casper. He is the cutest little guy and very loving and social! Casper is so much fun and is already doing well with housetraining. He is very healthy and sleeps through the night. Vernetta was so helpful and answered all of our questions and gave great advice to get Casper off to a great start in his new home. Thanks for everything, Vernetta! Scott and Kay Vangilder Happy Maltipoo Owners Quotes
Scott and Kay Vangilder
Happy Maltipoo Owners

Quotes We are thrilled to have Toby, whom we named Teddy, in our lives. We took him to the veterinarian the day after he came home to us and she had this to say: "It is so rare to see a puppy with such complete records. It looks as if the breeder did everything right." We couldn't agree more, Teddy is a healthy, happy little guy who is as sweet as he is spunky. Vernetta has made the process so easy and I have appreciated her willingness to answer any questions that came up. Thank you! Quotes
Karen Kruse
Glowing Vet Report

Quotes Net thank you so much for the beautiful puppies. We love them so much. Jonny and Bridget now named Parker and Polly are our mini Dachshund joys. Playful friends bundles Of joy. A great gift to our home. Quotes
Peg and Sam Gagliardi
Thrilled Puppy Parents

Quotes I searched for MONTHS for a Maltese puppy that would stay small. I had looked at hundreds online locally and abroad. They were either poor quality or their price was absurd. It was defiantly frustrating. By the grace of something wonderful I stumbled upon Mrs.'Net' online. I knew instantly this was our breeder after the 1st pleasant call. I waited until her next litter was posted & it was Love at 1st sight Ms.Vanessa, now Me'-Lou. She was very forward with vet info and I have no complaints. Me' arrived clean and happy, a little shy at 1st but within an hour she was totally relaxed. Ive never had a maltese if they are all this SMART/SWEET/EASY TO TRAIN I shouldve gotten one years ago! The joy this angel has brought our fam (&everyone who meets her) is priceless! She loves her 2 human siblings & her 2 inside 70 lbs pitbull siblings:) This 2lb cotton ball with a face def runs the show around here already and has stolen her parents hearts! <3 from our heart & soul we thank you Mrs.Net! Quotes
Holli / Mark Robles
1st time Maltese momma

Quotes I was just searching some websites and came across Vernetta's. We purchased our Miniature Dachshund six years ago now. Sylvia is a beautiful, healthy, loving dapple and everyone that meets her falls in love. I highly recommend Vernetta and will definitely do business with her again in the future. Quotes
CheryI Thayer
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